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The best new sleaze albums you can buy this month

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Sleazegrinder on the latest releases from Los Headaches, Holy Life, Hemmingway Hammers, Clean Room and The Super Secret Hot Girls Club

Los Headaches - Hola Hola

Mexico City’s Los Headaches pay homage here to 60s garage rock, 70s glam and punk, and whatever else you’d find in an issue of Creem back in 1978. Safety pins, pomade, swtichblades hidden in ankle boots... it’s all here.

What’s great about this band is what’s great about rock’n’roll in general: the defiant glare, the curled lip, the willingness to provoke. Los Headaches have all of that in spades – they’re like four Mexican Johnny Thunders picking fights with dudes twice their size in some alley somewhere. They just don’t care about nothin’, man. You know how refreshing that is? I mean, that’s the whole problem with rock’n’roll these days: all the fucking caring. Who needs it? Not these dudes, and they prove it on swaggering tracks like I’m Dirt, I’m A Man, I Don’t Wanna Wake Up and (naturally) It Hurts But It Don’t Matter. And it don’t. I dig, daddy-o. (7/10)

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