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Peter Hammill And The K Group Live At Rockpalast – Hamburg 1981 DVD review

Album Review

Peter Hammill's full 1981 concert gets the seal of approval on DVD.

“Oh, Peter Hammill is great. A true original. I’ve just liked him for years. If you listen to him, his solo albums, I’m damn sure Bowie copied a lot out of that geezer. The credit he deserves just has not been given to him. I love all his stuff.”

Thus spake John Lydon in the Capitol Radio show of July 16, 1977, which sparked a new form of ruckus when Mr Rotten presented host Tommy Vance with favourite records that included Captain Beefheart, Can, Third Ear Band and two tracks from Peter Hammill’s 1975 solo album Nadir’s Big Chance.

A blinder of pastoral foreplay and hailstorm dynamics.


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