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And last but not least... The prog rock roundup

Album Review

Grant Moon rounds up some of the other records passing under the portcullis of Prog Towers

Touchstone are back with their first work since Kim Seviour and Rob Cottingham left the band. Four-song EP Lights From The Sky (Ministry Of Progression) introduces their replacements – singer Aggie and keyboardist Liam Holmes. There’s certainly a fresh spring in the musicians’ step here, as they regroup around a singer with a higher range and more intense delivery than her predecessor. The music is as epic as ever: Tangled Lines and Fear are operatic and earnest, and the uncompromising title track is here twice, in both English and Aggie’s native Polish. Losing crucial members would scupper other bands, but Touchstone in 2016 sound like they’re embarking on an exciting new leg of their journey. Good on ’em.


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