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Buzzcocks - Spiral Scratch / Time’s Up reissue album review

Album Review

Originality and pop brilliance from one of the best and most likeable bands of their era

In a world of identikit Green Day trios and Mohican-sporting buffoons, it’s interesting to remember just how different the original punk bands were. From The Stranglers’ pub-Doors routines to the Banshees’ pre-goth wails, from the Sex Pistols fusion of the Stooges and the Faces to The Clash’s mixture of Mott riffs and bass-free reggae, early punk wasn’t just the Ramones with Cockney accents. And arguably the most original of the first punk wave were Buzzcocks (there’s no definite article because, according to Pete Shelley, Buzzcocks are the definite article).


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