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Jo Kendall on the latest releases from Wolf People, Jean-Michel Jarre, Shaman Elephant, James McArthur and Mike Keneally

Wolf People - Ruins

It’s No More Mister Nice Guy(s) for intellectual Brit psych-rocker types Wolf People. Months of on-the-go production – drummer and engineer Tom Watt making use of his portable recording kit, capturing takes in all places, at all times – has resulted in the quartet going one louder on their third album. From the get-go they sound decidedly fucked off, frontloading Ruins with a trio of dirty, Vertigo-style garage-rock belters, exclaiming ‘Tear it down!’ on Rhine Sagas, before lead guitarist Joe Hollick attempts Tony McPhee-levels of eardrum-rupturing splitter work on the densely groovy Night Witch.

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