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Martyrdöd - List album review

Album Review

Scandic crust warriors clamber to the summit

Austerity, Trump, foodbanks, Brexit, foreign wars, tax-dodging corporations, the rise of the far right, international terrorism… Justin fucking Bieber: we live in shit times indeed, so it’s no surprise that for the last half decade a crust revival of sorts has festered away in the underground, gorging on our nihilism and spitting it back at us in a spew of gravelled guitars, d-beats and cheap cider. Thirty years ago the likes of Crass and Discharge were a visceral, anarchic and, importantly, intelligent reaction against Thatcherite Britain and the spectre of nuclear war – but times have changed, and leading the lines of this third wave, Swedish troupe Martyrdöd exemplify this better than almost anyone.


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