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Vangelis - Delectus album review

Album Review

Mammoth 13-CD early work compendium from the sultan of synth

It’s perhaps odd that for many years Vangelis wasn’t perceived as cool whereas those innovators of electronica who’d come from the krautrock side of things were. The Greek composer, as emphasised in last month’s Prog interview, has a naturally reclusive nature and has rarely made the obvious career move, so in theory he carries faultless cult-hero credentials. Of course in plain terms he’s been too consistently successful to ever be rediscovered as a hidden treasure, but it does now seem as if time and tide have relaxed, allowing him to ascend to the status of revered sonic architect. His five decades in music have embraced and enhanced prog, jazz, classical, film scores and ambient as well as the electronic field, which he bestrides like a Colossus. Many are those who find within his creations something akin to a transcendent religious experience. He’s even had a star named after him.


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