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The Mute Gods - Tardigrades Will Inherit The Earth album review

Album Review

Global warning: Beggs and co sound the bells on album two.

For those more familiar with the vagaries of a riff and a complex time signature rather than the micro-organisms of marine zoology, a Tardigrade is a tiny water-dwelling creature also known as water bear, notable for being the most resilient animal on earth. A farther-travelled cockroach if you will. Used here as a metaphor of resistance and endurance in the face of Earth’s collapse, not to mention a warning, Nick Beggs’ exploration and examination of end-times provides a timely and oft-avoided call-to-arms. Building on the genre-stretching accomplishments of last year’s debut Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me, Tardigrades… casts its musical net wider and knits it all together into a more cohesive proposition. Less a traditional concept album, at least in terms of musical and lyrical narrative, rather, it’s a tight clutch of songs, thematically linked, that fit together jigsaw-like into a somewhat dark and ominous whole.


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