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Tim Bowness - Lost In The Ghost Light album review

Album Review

Classy concept album documents an imaginary prog antihero.

With the recent sad passing of so many beloved rock icons, it’s all the more important that we appreciate those still standing. The ever-creative Tim Bowness takes this emotional logic a step further on his third solo record in four years, writing a bittersweet concept album dedicated to an imaginary character. Jeff Harrison was/is the leader of Moonshot, whose early psychedelic and progressive albums retain critical approval but whose decisions took him into bland, big-in-Germany MOR in the 80s and relative obscurity thereafter. Jeff, ageing, is frustrated by the ebbing of his muse, baffled by developments such as streaming and painfully aware of his own slide from inspiration to complacency. Moonshot, we should reiterate, don’t actually exist, but Bowness paints a poignant picture both lyrically and musically, taking us convincingly inside Jeff’s head. He knows enough about the relevant genre(s) to elevate what might have been pastiche to a grand opus in its own right.


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