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Unicorn - Blue Pine Trees/Too Many Crooks/ One More Tomorrow album reviews

Album Review

Gilmour-produced mid-70s albums that influenced solo ‘Dave’.

For all the success of The Eagles, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Flying Burrito Brothers et al, UK ears weren’t quite ready for a British take on country rock back in the early 70s.

But one unlikely early adopter was David Gilmour, and he was highly impressed when he saw a gang of tuneful, harmony-toting longhairs playing at a friend’s wedding in early 1973. He got up on stage to play Neil Young’s Heart Of Gold, and admitted, to their surprise, that he was actually a big fan of country rock. He ended up producing Unicorn’s second, third and fourth albums, and these reissues suggest he did a sterling job, even if his last effort was given an ill-advised overhaul.


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