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Curved Air - Curved Space & Infinity – Rarities Series Vol. 2 album review

Album Review

Impressive playing, but missing that X-factor – a certain vocalist.

Think of Curved Air and two words (well, names) spring immediately to mind: Sonja and Kristina. The concept of a Curved Air album without the High Priestess Of Etherealness is unimaginable, isn’t it, luv? No longer. Step forward Curved Space & Infinity – Rarities Volume Two, which does not feature Ms Kristina in any way, shape or form at all. Have they never heard of the Trades Description Act? This is like buying a pack of Jammie Dodgers and opening it to discover a pile of dry, unappetising Dodgers, delicious sticky centres mysteriously vaporised. (Although to be fair we should mention that Sonja has given her blessing for this to be released under the Curved Air banner.)


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