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Jethro Tull - Songs From The Wood: 40th Anniversary Edition album review

Album Review

Country life never sounded so vibrant: a reissue to rejoice in

The greatest turbo-charged, progged-up folk album ever? If the term “folk” to you conjures up images of cheesecloth-clad Morris dancers with fingers in their ears shaking bells and singing fol-de-riddle-o in Sidmouth, set aside such prejudices and give this a blast. It’s never going to sound better than it does now, with a Steven Wilson remix, and it sounded preposterously great before. It’s also Jethro Tull at their most concise: no 20-minute suites here, but plenty of short, catchy songs. Yet with dazzling musicality they cram more ideas into these aural rural songs than many bands manage in years. Rousing, energised stuff, its ‘kitchen prose and gutter rhymes’ will make you feel much better.


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