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The Art Of Noise - In Visible Silence album review

Album Review

Once state-of-the-art noise is remastered, with (literally) bells on

It seems fantastical now that in the mid-80s it was unexceptional for a pop record to incorporate sound collages, swathes of cinematic grandeur and casual references to writers and philosophers. Yet in the corner of the charts blasted open by label ZTT, such genius – or pretension, depending on your stance – was de rigeur. By 1986 The Art Of Noise had already split from ZTT, Trevor Horn and Paul Morley, and consisted now of Anne Dudley, Clive Langan and JJ Jeczalik. Those departed hissed dismissively of their avant-garde anti-group “going off to have novelty hits with Tom Jones” but this, the second full album, remains exploratory and eccentric. The factions later kissed and made up, though just the trio who made this album will perform it this summer.


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