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And last but not least... prog reviews round-up

Album Review

Grant Moon has a rummage down the back of the Prog sofa for the ones that nearly got away with Ultranova, Corciolli, Gentle Knife, Bardo Pond, Kohoutek, Roy Weard and Ben Lester

There’s clearly something in the aqua in Brazil. The quartet Ultranova are led by their wonderfully named synth player Thiago Albuquerque on their self-released debut. Orion is a collection of instrumental spacescapes showcasing their skill at spinning a cosmic atmosphere, throwing in some noodly ELP-isms, fusion smarts and hooks aplenty on tracks such as the catchy Órbita, the Moraz-lyrical Abismo Azul and jazzy Aquântica. Guitarist Dan Leite’s reach exceeds his grasp at times, but it’s just a sign of ambition here. Fans of pure prog should hunt this one down.


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