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Ragnar Gripp - Sand album review

Album Review

Avant-garde archetype Ragnar Gripp still shimmers, four decades on

For every person whose groove thang is a repetitive fusion of musique concrète and postmodern classical composition, you’ll find someone who reckons it sounds like pebbles being tossed down a deep well at random intervals. It’s safe to say that Sand – a cult classic of the genre – is chiefly for converts and aficionados. Originally released in 1977 – when musique concrète had already been all the rage with the cool kids for two decades – and with its vinyl version having become a sought-after collector’s item, it reappears at age 40, sounding every bit as unusual and curious as it did upon birth. If you’re prepared to let its rumbles, beeps and crackles mesmerise you, it’s capable of transporting you to a tranquil Zen plateau.


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