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GWAR - The Blood Of Gods album review

Album Review

Shock rock grotesques usher in the post-Oderus era

Stop pissing! Stop shitting!’ is an odd request for many, but it’s just another lyric for GWAR. Our scumdog overlords’ 14th LP, their first without late vocalist Oderus Urungus, nighon perfects the hardcore-tinged, thrash-a-go-go metal silliness from 2013’s Battle Maximus; opener War On GWAR’s frosty acoustics and subsequent Sabbath galloping recalls Immortal and Amon Amarth at the funfair. The sleazy couplets, punked-up bass and undeniable melodies gel in ways seldom heard by bands of this vintage – let alone those spunkingon people for a living. Newly instated Blöthar owns the mic, gruffly riding Auroch’s Slayer-esque staccato as authentically as he delivers Phantom Limb: a non-ironic, genuinely heartfelt ballad revealing GWAR’s humanity under the latex. Sure, the album’s longer than Oderus’s cum-riddled cuttlefish codpiece, but with Death To Dickie Duncan being its sole dud, The Blood Of Gods is pant-shittingly brilliant.

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