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Album Review

Sleazegrinder on the latest releases from The Thunderskulls, Deathtraps, The Cheetas, Full Throttle Baby and Speeder

The Thunderskulls - The Thunderskulls

I’m not saying the Thunderskulls album sounds like Monster Magnet (although it totally does, if you count Wyndorf’s ‘89 demo Forget About Life I’m High On Dope), but I am saying that it feels like Monster Magnet; like the throbbing cosmic brainchild of some zonked-out, low-life black leather Jesus and his beer-guzzling disciples writing scripture with broken guitars and hissing amplifiers. This is some dynamite shit, vicious and tough and scary and hilarious all at once. And while snotty teenage asshole rockers like BMF (Do As I Please) and Waiting To Die might sound familiar, it’s impossible to pinpoint exactly where they’re coming from. They could be into Sabbath, they could be into the Crüe, or maybe Mudhoney, or they could hate everything you love, for all I know. But every track is a total mind-frying jammer, and The Thunderskulls are the new kings of scuzz.
That much is certain. (8/10)

Deathtraps - Justice For The Risca One

These guys might be actual maniacs. Most of their songs are about killing people, and they sound fairly committed to the concept. But all the gore and guns and bloody spittle is wrapped around tight, buzzy, high-velocity junk-rock that sounds sorta like the scariest dudes in town jamming on Chuck Berry tunes, so fuck it, let the murder and mayhem ensue. (6/10)

The Cheetahs - The Cheetahs

You want a band from Detroit to sound like they’re from Detroit, and boy do these guy fit the bill. You know that side-shimmy thing that Wayne Kramer used to do in those incredible old black-and-white MC5 videos? Every song here sounds like Wayne Kramer’s side-shimmy. Get with it, man. These jams are gonna kick out with or without you. (7/10)

Full Throttle Baby - Rock N’ Roll Brawl

I like a band that sounds like they should be in a cage. If there wasn’t a stage to destroy I wouldn’t let these dudes anywhere near the general public. They sound like their blood is green and their teeth are just jagged chunks of rusty metal, and this record is the greatest thing to come outta Paris since… I dunno, soft cheese. (7/10)

Speeder - Speeder

You never know if anybody is on the level or goofing or what these days. But I am telling you straight that Speeder – who sound like every band that was on Ebony Records in the mid 80s – have a song on here called Hot N’ Thirsty that goes: ‘Win or lose, we’re gonna booze and cruise.’ And if that doesn’t thrill you, then I give up. (6/10)

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