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Album Review

Sleazegrinder on the latest releases from Hot Mayonnaise, Baby And The Nobodies, Gutter Saints, Blood God and Seven Dirty Words

Hot Mayonnaise - Heavy Moments

This is merely speculation, but if I had to guess, I’d say that collectively the only book that Rochester, New York band Hot Mayonnaise have ever read is The Dirt by the Mötley Crüe and the only bands they’ve ever listened to are Black Sabbath and the MC5. Which is perfect, really. Who needs anything else? With titles such as Dungeon Of Love and Stoned N’ Dangerous they’re the living embodiment of everything you’ve ever been warned about, they are what happens if you let rock’n roll rot your brain. Remember the back-masking Satanic panic of the 1980s? Finally, it worked on somebody. If you let these Hot Mayonnaise into your house, they will destroy it. They will eat your food and clog your toilet and give your pets venereal diseases and turn your basement into a meth lab and then accidentally blow it up. And they won’t be sorry, and you won’t even be mad about it. That’s the beauty of this band, man. They are you, if you were a fucking lunatic. And this album is a monster. (7/10)

Baby And The Nobodies - Kiss This

Snotty, glammy punk rock’n’ roll from Olympia Washington that sounds like NY Loose or maybe Social Distortion with Mike Ness’ street-fightin’ kid sister on vocals. Hooky, tight, and ready to rumble, Kiss This is a blast of teenage rebel rock full of safety pins, bubblegum and the kinda glue Joey Ramone was sniffing. (6/10)

Gutter Saints - The Saintanic Verses

If a band writes a song called Samurai Frankenstein, you’d expect a lifestyle to go with it. I’m fairly certain South Carolina’s Gutter Saints live up to whatever weirdo sex-death fantasies Mega Sci Fi Astro Dick/Monster Movie Kung Fu Kicks suggest. Grimy apocalyptic Z-movie r’n’r delirium. Delivers the greasy goods. (6/10)

Blood God - Rock’N’Roll Warmachine

You might think that 46 songs is too many for one album. But listen, man, you don’t win a rock’n’roll war unless you’ve got enough ammunition. Germany’s Blood God play a kind of muscle-bound hard rock that eschews any subtleties for unapologetic bludgeon. Even Rose Tattoo would think these dudes are too macho. (6/10)

Seven Dirty Words - Along For The Ride

Californian smokebelchers 7DW return with their fifth album and they have lost none of their venom or lust for speed and mayhem over the past decade. Less an album and more of a highlight reel of Evel Knievel’s greatest motorcycle wrecks, Along For The Ride will bust every bone in your body and you’ll love it. (7/10)

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