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Album Review

Sleazegrinder on the latest releases from Pussycat And The Dirty Johnsons, Watts, Charm Bag, Flash House and Gone Dogs

Pussycat And The Dirty Johnsons - Ain’t No Pussy

First of all, let’s hear it for lead screamer Pussy Johnson’s pronounced British accent, as snotty and venomous as Rotten’s back in the spring of ‘77. Her impressive snarl and full-throated roar rule the day on this fast and furious ride of primitive, gut-bucket garage rock and boot-stomping, grrrlpowered punk. Tracks like Pretty Good For A Girl and One Of The Boys deliver a pretty effective message of rock’n’roll equality while basically smashing your skull into splinters. Surrender My Heart is the clear pick to click, a searing Kinksmeets-Stooges orgy of corrosive riffs and bump-’n’-grind voodoo rhythm, but there are plenty of highlights here, including the X Ray Spex-y poke-in-the-eye of Unserpentine, the floor-shaking, ear-shredding title track and the lean, stripped-down creepy-crawl of The Wasp. Imagine if Lux was Ivy and you’ve basically got the gist of this.

A thoroughly sweat-soaked trip to the heart of rock’n’roll. (7/10)

Watts - All Done With Rock n’ Roll

Stellar Stones-on-steroids four-songer from rock’s most well-dressed street survivors. From their salad days as teenage glam-slammers to their ill-fated stab at power-pop stardom in the 90s, Watts have always endured, and this tight collection of hook-heavy arena rockers finds ‘em at the height of their powers. (7/10)

Charm Bag - From Hell

Charm Bag are a dastardly duo featuring members of semi-legendary Spanish garage-rock maniacs The Smoggers. The Cramps and Dead Moon covers probably give a clue to the madness afoot, but for further clarification: this is two cool weirdos running amuck in the graveyard and howling at the moon. As it should be. (6/10)

Flash House - Brown Sauce

The cassette cover for this positively hairraising album features the bumpy head of a sasquatch, and that’s exactly the feral, wild-eyed figure I imagine when I hear this gonzo banger. It’s a howling, pulse-pounding barrage of incendiary noise that’s sorta like Motörhead, MC5 and The Hookers being eaten alive by werewolves. Tremendous. (7/10)

Gone Dogs - The Road Ahead

A fairly blazing dose of late-70s inspired riff’n’roll from this Montreal band. Hard to pin down exactly where they’re coming from, but there’s flecks of Deep Purple and Iron Maiden and maybe even Stranglehold-era Nugent, but mostly it’s just balls-out rock’n’roll served up raw and ready. Plus there’s flutes, always a bonus if you ask me. (7/10)

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