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BANNED! The Rock Music Censorship Quiz

Ten trivia questions on the rock bands who have been censored. WARNING: this quiz contains explicit material. Not suitable for minors

Since the dawn of rock n' roll, censors have found music far too explicit, shocking or inappropriate to be heard by members of the public. Radio and TV stations, newspapers, governments and even countries have sought to censor and ban artists they find controversial.

Unfortunately for those people, many music fans consider the fact that 'the man' wants to limit access to certain music makes it far more appealing. Some of the biggest bands in rock have found themselves on the wrong end of a poorly judged ban hammer for reasons which now seem prehistoric, idiotic or even massively discriminatory.

In today's quiz we explore some of the tracks now played on mainstream media, which have been considered terribly naughty in the past.

As always, you have 10 x questions. 10 x seconds per question. The faster you answer, the higher your score.

You can save your score and see your position on the global leaderboard by logging into (do it at the end of the quiz).

Good luck...


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